Our Mission

Mission Statement: The mission of Greenwood Hills Wesleyan Church is to partner with God in His redemptive work within our homes, communities and world.

Greenwood Hills has Five Overall Goals:

  1. To create an environment where God is glorified. (Worship) 
  2. To develop thinking Christians who seek to observe the world and culture through a Biblical/theological sense. (Discipleship) 
  3. To respond to the needs of our community. (Service) 
  4. To share the Gospel message through word and action. (Evangelism) 
  5. To grow as an inter-generational community. (Fellowship)

The following strategies are meant to help us attain our goals and fulfill our mission:

  1. Focus on the essence of worship as a response to God.  
  2. Emphasizing a Christian worldview through teaching, dialogue, and reflection. 
  3. Serving our community through our food pantry, serving at local mission centers, partnering in the “Backpack Program” at local schools, and serving the community through other various opportunities. 
  4. Equipping the church with knowledge, tools, and desires to faithfully follow the Great Commission.  
  5. Nurture inter-generational relationships through combined activities, social events, mentoring, worship, etc….